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Our portable and handheld Raman analyzers offer flexible, robust and comprehensive analysis capabilities with a unique 1064nm excitation laser to suit a wide range of applications.


Portable and handheld Raman analyzers enable lab-quality analysis and positive material identification to be performed at any point in the production process. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can now achieve 100% raw material identification, verify chemicals and solvents, as well as authenticate final products quickly and confidently. With handheld Raman, users can achieve Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with 21 CFR Part 11

Field-portable product authentication is achievable using handheld Raman. Regulatory enforcement agencies and brand security teams now have the power to perform chemical composition analysis to determine the authenticity of products on the spot, resulting in the rapid identification of counterfeits and immediate removal from the supply chain.

Raman instrumentation is setting new benchmarks in customized portable solutions which enable lab-style data management. Their ease of use and low cost of ownership means that scientists now have access to advanced analytical instrumentation that can be tailored to suit their laboratory analysis requirements.

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