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firefighter with DX4040

Portable Gasmet™ DX-series analyzers can be easily transported to the point of measurement. Gasmet Technologies offers analyzers for both ambient air, container, and flue gas measurements for toxic gases and VOC's. They are typically used in applications such as first-response ambient air testing and industrial air quality monitoring.

  • Multicomponent measurement capability (up to 50 gases can be measured simultaneously with a single analyzer)
  • H2O concentration is always measured – results can be displayed in dry or wet gas
  • Possibility to measure water soluble inorganic gases such as HCl, HF, NH3
  • Calibration stability – no need for any span calibrations, just zero calibration with N2 or air
  • Cross-interference ("cross-talk") is automatically taken into account in the analysis of results
  • Flags unknowns - user can quickly transfer spectra to PC and search for match in NIST/EPA library of more than 5000 gases
  • Real-time data -  measurements results are available directly onsite
  • Accepted by leading standards organizations including:NIOSH - Method 3800  (Organic & Inorganic gases by extractive FTIR spectrometry) USEPA - Method 320 ASTM - Method D6348

For more information, contact us or visit Gasmet's website.