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Fonon is the industry leader in the field of fiber and CO2 laser systems for marking, etching, engraving, 3D Metal Printing and cutting applications.

Laser Marking

Fiber Laser marking is the most flexible type of direct marking available. The ability to change various laser parameters offers the ultimate in control, quality and speed.

Fonon Technologies’ Fiber Laser Marking Systems utilize the latest advancements in laser-based material processing. The Fiber Laser marking process is permanent, fast, and flexible, allowing for annealing, etching, engraving and surface marking.

Fiber Laser technology offers significant advantages over CO2 lasers and has the ability to mark a wide variety of materials including bare metals, anodized metals, coated metals, coated plastics, ceramics, silicon and thin film etching.

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Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser cutting is among the largest application for lasers in material processing. Fiber Laser cutting offers an advanced alternative to conventional cutting processes.

Fiber Laser technology allows for smaller beam diameter therefore decreasing kerf width, decreasing heat propagation (HAZ) and increasing throughput. Fiber Lasers are developed to enhance metal material processing including Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, brass, copper and other alloys.

Fiber Laser applications can range from thin sheet metal to 1 inch thick plate. This range helps fulfill all cutting applications in today’s industrial material processing industry.

3D Metal printing

Fonon’s 3D FUSION™ or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (3d Metal Printing) process is an emerging additive NANO Powder Manufacturing Technology with a presence in the medical industry as well as Manufacturing (Mold fabrication and Repair), Defense, aerospace and high technology engineering and electronics sectors. 3D Laser Metal Printing is a layered, digitally driven additive manufacturing process that uses high quality focused laser energy to fuse metal NANO powders into 3D objects. Fonon’s 3D Fusion™ 

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